Celebrate summer with this beautiful gift tower overflowing with chocolate and vanilla sea salt caramels, as assortment of cookies and cakes, caramel corn, English fudge with sea salt, Italian fruit jelly candy, a blackcurrant crostata fruit pit and more, perfect for any occasion.

Contents include:

Fruit Jellies (5pc)
Chocolate Caramels (2pc)
Vanilla Sea Salt Caramels (2pc)
Nougat Peanuts and Fruits (3pc)
Classic English Fudge Sea Salt (3pc)
Madeleine Cake (2pc)
Cookie Butter Cake (1pc)
Lemon Cake (1pc)
Raspberry Cake (1pc)
Caramel Popcorn (3oz)
Crostata Fruit Pie with Black Currant (1.76oz)
Cookie w/Raspberry Filling (1pc)
Cookie w/Hazelnut Filling (1pc)
Cookie w/Lemon Filling (1pc)
Cookie w/Chocolate Filling (1pc)

Gift Size: 5" x 5" x 15"