Glass Globe Terrarium Kit
Glass Globe Terrarium Kit Glass Globe Terrarium Kit

The garden that "thrives on neglect," is fun to customize, effortless to care for, and a perfect gift for any nature lover, no matter the occasion.

Featuring easy-to-grow hens & chicks succulent seeds, the recipient will enjoy a hardy succulent whose scientific name literally means "live forever." The kit also includes orchid mix, potting soil, charcoal, moss, gravel, and stones in a globe terrarium made of 100% recycled glass. Instructions are included, and each plant is selected seasonally by hand.

Contents include:

  • One 8" Glass Terrarium Globe.
  • Hen and Chicks Succulent Seeds (300).
  • Orchid Mix, Potting Soil, Moss, Gravel and more.
  • Complete Instructional Booklet.

Gift measures 8" Diameter