Each of this lovable bear's boxes contains another sweet surprise. Lindt Lindor milk chocolate truffles, dark chocolate covered marshmallows, classic English fudge with sea salt, chocolate chip brownies, peppermint candy, Guylian Temptations Belgian milk chocolate truffles, Lily O'Brien's sticky toffee, Ghirardelli milk chocolate peppermint bark - a blend of milk chocolate, white chocolate and peppermint packaged for the holidays, tutti frutti candy, spice cookies and Yves Thuries French dark chocolate truffles make this polar bear a welcome guest at any party.

Contents include:

Guylian Temptations Milk Truffle (3pc)
Lindt Lindor Milk Chocolate Truffle Balls (3pc)
Chocmod Dark Chocolate Covered Marshmallows (3pc)
Mr. Brownie Chocolate Brownies w/Real Belgian Chocolate Chips (2pc)
Yves Thuries Dark Chocolate Ganache Truffle Ball (3pc)
Tutti Frutti Flavored Hard Candy (4oz)
Underground Fudge Company Classic English Fudge Sea Salt (3pc)
Belvaux Traditional Truffles (3pc)
Lily O'Brien Sticky Toffee (3pc)
Ghirardelli Mini Peppermint Bark Square (2pc)
Hellema European Mini Spice Cookies (0.88oz)
King Leo Peppermint Puffs (4pc)

Gift Size: 11" x 6" x 5"