Happy Easter Deluxe Gift Basket
Happy Easter Deluxe Gift Basket Happy Easter Deluxe Gift Basket

Celebrate togetherness this Easter with the Happy Easter Deluxe Basket!  Packed with all the Easter favorites, there is something for everyone like Lindt Lindor Assorted Chocolates, Palmer Double Crisp Chocolatey Eggs, Peeps Bunnies, Tootsie Roll Bite Size Midgees, Godiva Strawberry Cheesecake Truffles, Dum Dum Lollipops, Sonic Freezer Bars and much much more! All this packed in a beautiful white willow Easter Basket that is perfect for collecting eggs or it can be re-used as a beautiful Easter centerpiece for years to come! This is the perfect gift for the entire family to enjoy together!

Contents include:

12.00 oz. Easter Candy Lane Confections Fruit Jellies
1.17 oz. Easter Dum Dum Lollipops
1.00 oz. Godiva Truffles Strawberry Cheesecake
2.64 oz. Hammond’s Lemon Cakes
2.50 oz. J&M Caramel Sea Salt Cookies
1.80 oz. Le Preziose Blackberry & Raspberry Fruit Jellies
3.00 oz. Lille Chocolate Cookie Thins
1.94 oz. Shell Bella Madeleines
5.30 oz. Underground Fudge Co. Vanilla Fudge with Sea Salt
2.50 oz. Albanese Ultimate 8 Flavor Gummi Bears
1.50 oz. Coney Island Sweet & Sea Salty Kettle Corn Pink Salt
1.00 oz. Easter Fluffy Stuff Cotton Candy
4.50 oz. Easter Palmer Double Crisp Eggs Chocolatey 'n Smooth
1.50 oz. Easter Peeps Bunnies
1.50 oz. Easter Russell Stover Hollow Rabbit
4.00 oz. Easter Tootsie Roll Bank Filled with Bite Size Midgees
1.00 oz. Jelly Bellies
5.10 oz. Lindt Lindor Assorted Milk, Dark, and White Chocolate Truffle Balls
10.00 oz. Sonic Assorted Flavors Freezer Bars

Gift size 17" x 11" x 5"