This abundant gift basket is filled with a collection of so much good stuff, they won't know where to start! Smoked gouda cheese spread, peanuts, chocolate caramels, cheddar cheese biscuits, basil and garlic pitted olives, Daniele salami, chocolate brownies, beef mango habanero jerky, salami, roasted and salted almonds, sweet and spicy honey mustard dip, chocolate chip brownie brittle, veggie sticks, spicy honey crunch snack mix and items too numerous to list make it easy to share in the fun.

Contents include:

Ahmad English Tea (20ct)
Roasted and Salted Almonds (3.5oz)
Smoked Gouda Cheese Spread (3.5oz)
Chocolate Caramels (4pc)
Hot Honey Crunch Mix (1.5oz)
Veggie Sticks (1oz)
Walnut Cookies (3oz)
Orchards Blueberry & Almond Fruit Squares (2pc)
Chocolate Brownie (2pc)
Chocolate Cookie Thins (3oz)
Garlic & Basil Olives (1.1oz)
Daniele Friuli Brand Sopressata Salame (3oz)
Italian Pretzels w/ Olive Oil (2.82oz)
Sunny Fruit Organic Dried Apricots (1.76oz)
Country Archer Beef Mango Habanero Jerky (1.5oz)
Peanuts (4oz)
& More

Gift Size: 19" x 11" x 14"