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Chocolate always makes for the perfect gift throughout the holidays, and this Winter Wonderland gift tower is a collection of greatest hits!  Containing more than 2.5 pounds of handmade confections, this five-tier tower features eight of our most popular items; each dipped, enrobed, or tumbled in various premium chocolates.

Founded by third generation chocolatier Dana Taylor Davenport, Dilettante  Chocolates® has been a Seattle staple for over 40 years, known for creating delicious chocolate confections and baked goods. Their Winter Wonderland Tower features 43 oz. of various handmade chocolate confections; each dipped, enrobed, or tumbled in assorted premium chocolates.  This is a wonderful variety that makes for a great holiday gift!

Contents include:

3 oz. Dark Chocolate Salted Caramels
7 oz. Dark Chocolate Covered Almonds with Turbinado Sugar & Sea Salt
5 oz. Chocolate Covered Valencia Orange Cookie Gems
8 oz. Dark Chocolate Covered Salted Caramel Sandwich Crème Cookies
5 oz. Dark Chocolate TruffleCremes®
5 oz. Peppermint TruffleCremes®
5 oz. Milk Chocolate Covered Pretzels
5 oz. White Chocolate Covered Pretzels with Candy Cane
No artificial flavors, artificial colors, or preservatives
Made with Non-GMO Chocolate
Certified Kosher