This sweet gift basket makes it easy to celebrate with an outstanding selection of creme brulee milk chocolate truffles, dark chocolate pretzels, milk chocolate cashews, a hazelnut milk chocolate bar, milk, white and dark chocolate signature truffles, milk chocolate caramels, chocolate truffle coffee, milk chocolate raisins, dark chocolate hot cocoa and a milk chocolate graham cracker.

Contents include:  

  • Godiva:
  • Caramels Milk Salted Toffee (2pc)
  • Dark Chocolate Cocoa (1pc)
  • Chocolate Truffle Coffee (2oz)
  • Milk Chocolate Covered Graham (1pc)
  • Milk Chocolate Covered Raisins (1.2oz)
  • Dark Chocolate Truffle (3pc)
  • Milk Chocolate Truffle (2pc)
  • White Chocolate Truffle (2pc)
  • Milk Chocolate Caramels (2pc)
  • Dark Chocolate Covered Pretzels (4oz)
  • Milk Creme Brulee (4.3oz)
  • Nuts Milk Chocolate Covered Cashews (2oz)
  • Milk Chocolate Hazelnut Tablet (2.9oz)
  • Gift Size: 15" x 7" x 10"