Virgil's root beer is made with the finest all-natural ingredients. Two bottle fo root beer, beef jerky, root beer candy, vanilla fudge, crackers, cheese spread and more are great for sharing.

Contents include:

Cracked Peppercorn Crackers (2.5oz)
Glacier Ridge Farms Bacon & Cheddar Cheese Spread (3.5oz)
Hot Honey Crunch Mix (1.5oz)
Liberty Orchards Blueberry & Almond Fruit Squares (2pc)
Sheila G's Brownie Brittle Chocolate Chip (1oz)
Vanilla Fudge with Sea Salt (2pc)
Olives (3.5oz)
Country Archer Beef Jerky (1.5oz)
Gilliam Old Fashioned Root Beer Sanded Drops (4.5oz)
Virgil's Root Beer (2 Bottles - 12oz each)

Gift Size: 12" x 7" x 12"